A high technology dedicated to our customers


A new manufacturing facility was opened in 1995,
situated on a 13,000 m2 site. the design is based on modern concept,
with two main halls. Our installations are manufactured and
assembled by highly qualified and motivated staff,
who follow a continual professional training program.
Each worker respects our strict quality standards.


The design office, R&D, Automation and process technology
departments form the design team. A team of experienced engineers and technicians
who are receptive to customers concern :
Participate in creation of technical specifications,
Design of installation in accordance with customer requirements.
Insure the application of directives and regulation, Manage the project,
Create factory layout, components list, PID and drawings.




A test and development laboratory is available for
our customers to test and validate our installations using your own products
and, in cooperation with Dumoulin, develop new and innovative products.
The lab is available for confectionery coating trials (sugar or chocolate),
pharmaceutical trials or optimization of special coatings, etc…
The laboratory is also used for our own internal developments.


This team of engineers with the know-how, skills and necessary
experience to propose the best adapted solution to your problems
using our standard range of equipment with various options,
but also the solution which is specifically adapted to your demand.
Our team can also advise you in following fields :
Organization and rationalization of your production, Productivity improvement, Development of new products, Quality improvement
Our team is in constant relation with more than 40 representatives worldwide.