Pharmaceutical coating sugar and film coatings


Equipped specifically for sugar coating, aqueous film coating or with organic film coating, the coating machines from Dumoulin are specifically designed following pharmaceuticals requirement, GMP, 21CFR. A complete range of installations is offered in 7 capacities from 15 to 1000 kg.

· Optimize the coatings in performance and quality
· Insure an efficient cleaning in place
· Reduce maintenance
· Manage of the process and follow up of the production. We are also offering turnkey projects, technical and processes assistance, operators training and qualification by a team of specialists

Perforated drums allow an optimal drying. Airflow is canalized underneath the bed of products to be coated, passing through it and exhausted on the top for a careful filtration before to be rejected outside.
The LogiX and IDAX are highly efficient in cycle time due to air going through the products.
Together with the design of the drum, which allows a maximum surface contact between products to be coated and drying air the energy is minimized. Drying is allowed in two directions: Direct and reverse. Air treatment is designed following specific climatic conditions of countries and product to be coated.
External air is filtered, dehumidified (or rehumidified), then heated to requested temperature, in order to be blown (at preset air flow) through the product bed.
The depth of this bed allows a very fast drying. The drum perfectly cylindrical shape allows a better homogeneity of the products drying. Due to the coating pan concept, cross contamination is avoided.
The drum is maintained on constant under pressure to ensure perfect dust exhaust in the dust collector.
For specific coating application, air humidity can reach and be regulated at dew point as -25°C, with chemical dehumidification (adsorption). Downstream the dusty air is treated through dust collector with pneumatic cleaning filter cartridges, then extracted to the outside.

A IDA-XP unit can be used for any kind of coating.
Aqueous film coating
• Anti-bearding air spray guns
• Low pressure peristaltic pump
• Optional multi-head pump
•Optional spraybar with no hose inside drum – air and liquid networks inside spraybar body
Organic film coating
• Airless sprayguns
• High pressure pneumatic pump
Sugar or sugarless syrup coating
• Air or airless sprayguns
• Medium pressure pump
Ergonomic spraybar
• Sprayguns position adjustment from outside, machine closed, no tool required
• Pneumatic opening and extraction for easy maintenance A wide range of options and ancillary. Equipment are available such as solution tanks, individual gun flow regulation, detection of nozzle blockage.
Fully automated system allowing to customize all machine parameters
• Automatic coating cycle according to user-friendly recipe building module Loading, unloading, cleaning integrated in automatic cycle
or run semi-manual Overview screens for installation status Possibility to network with other machines
• Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
Batch data recording and displaying
Historical trends and fault reports
• 21 CFR part 11 compliant
According to products fragility, Adapted to batch size and facility layout, wide range of dosing conveyors, elevators, belts.

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