A high technology dedicated to our customers


Built in 1995, on a 13000 square meters piece of land
from a modern and rational concept with two main halls.
High quality staff with a permanent professional
training manufactures the equipment.
Each worker follows a quality chart.


A team of experimented engineers and technicians integrated on site,
receptive to customers concerns :

Elaboration of requirements chart , Design of installations on specific customers requirements , Respect of norms and regulations, Project scheduling, Elaboration of layouts, components list, PID and drawings.




Our tests and development laboratory is available
for our customers in order to test and validate our
installations with their own products and to cooperate
in new products development.
The lab is available for pharmaceutical coating test or adjustment
of special coatings, etc…
We also use the lab for our own new developments.


A team of engineers having know-how, skills and necessary experience to propose the most adapted solutions to your problems with our standard range of equipment and their different options, but also with specific solutions to your request.
Our team will advise you in following fields: · Organization and rationalization of your production, Productivity improvement, Development of new products, Quality improvement
We are in constant relation with more than 40 worldwide representatives.